A Wilkeson Descendant Weighs in on Imperfect Union

By Chuck Raasch

One of the great things about researching and writing this book is the contact I have made with Ray Wilkeson, a great-great grandson of Samuel H. Wilkeson, Bayard Wilkeson’s cousin. Samuel H. served in the famous cavalry regiment, “Scott’s 900,” which guarded the capital and served as an escort guard and protector for President Lincoln late in the war. Samuel H. Wilkeson was a prolific letter writer, very expressive and honest in his writing.

It was a privilege to help bring him to life to his descendants, like Ray, and a reminder to me, and I hope you, that history lives, and is not just a collection of random, long-ago events. And, finally, as I write in the book, that the aftermath of war is forever.

Ray Wilkeson wrote a review of “Imperfect Union” on Amazon. “As a descendant/member of the Wilkeson family that helped found the city of Buffalo NY, I looked forward with great anticipation to reading this book. And it certainly did not disappoint.” Read the rest of Wilkeson’s review here.

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